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Oktoberfest 2013  24.10.2013

The most popular beer festival Oktoberfest is held in Germany since the year 1810.
The restaurant-brewery Beer House, by supporting the beer culture and traditions, has celebrated Oktoberfest this year already the seventh time in a row. Opening ceremony of the festival was held on October 4th.The celebration began with a welcome speech of master brewer Eve Toomela, brand-chef Dmitri Rooz, Beer king Mait Trink and the guest of honor, Georgi Bogatkin – Estonian famous ceramic and the atelier-cafe ”Bogapott” owner. The culmination of the opening was the ribbon cutting ceremony and the beer taps opening after which the first beer mugs with famous Beer House beer were raised.
During two-day event all festival attenders, true beer lovers had the chance to taste the special menu of Oktoberfest, freshly brewed living beer, autumn festival traditional cookies Oktoberherzes and salty Bretzels, which added the Munich breath to the atmosphere of the festival. Guests of the event enjoyed the live music, jolly dances and participated in funny contests.
We are grateful to all those, who took part in our Oktoberfest celebrations!
We will be happy to welcome you again!
Beer House – Home of the living beer!


Grand opening of 7th Oktoberfest in Beer House, 2013. On the foto: the master brewer Eve Toomela, brand chef Dmitri Rooz, Beer king Mait Trink and the guest of honour Georgi Bogatkin – famous ceramic artist in Estonia.



Beer King Mait Trink



The guests of the festival enjoying the party.



Jolly dances of Oktoberfest.



Everybody dance!



Nobody could remain indifferent to our giant Beer King.



Ceramic artist Georgi Bogatkin demonstrates his mastery to Oktoberfest guests.



Live music from the band „Rein&Sull“



Funny Oktoberfest games brought a smile even to the most serious faces.



Traditional Oktoberfest bretzel and living beer is a perfect mach.