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Oktoberfest 2012 - A little piece of Munich is again in Tallinn!  04.10.2012

A little piece of Munich is again in Tallinn!

It all started on the 12th of October in 1810 when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, who was later crowned King Ludwig I, wanted his people to share the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. In honour of the wedding, a big feast was held for the peole of Munich and surrounding areas, which became the annual autumn harvest feast. The autumn harvest feast has been held for 202 years and only wars and epidemic diseases have disturbed the tradition.

Oktoberfest is the biggest festival in the world. Every year there is over 6 million participants and this year Oktoberfest is held from 22nd of September till 7th of October in Munich.

As it has become a tradition, this year the Oktoberfest of the restaurant-brewery Beer House will take place on the 5th and 6th of October and already for the sixth year in line. During this event we are offering to our visitors a special Austrian meal - sizzling sausages, crispy baked hock, roasted lamb and freshly baked strudels. On the honorable place there is our living-beer which will be served from special mugs with a plenty of beer foam. We offer as well freshly baked Bretzels and Oktoberherzes!

In addition to delicious meals and frothing beer we are offering an entertainment program for two days together with interesting competitions and exciting prizes, dancing and a lot of joy. The evenings will be hosted by the Beer King of the Beer House – TARVO KRALL. All the real and serious beer friends will be present.

Come and be a part of Beer House’s Oktoberfest party on the 5th and 6th of October from 20.00.
Seeing is believing!