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„Beer House“ – 2000 000 litres of „alive“ beer!!!  03.04.2012

The Estonian  biggest restaurant- brewery has produced in own brewery – 2 000 000 litres of excellent „alive“ beer!  Since opening  in 2002 the restaurant-brewery „Beer House“ produces 7-sorts of non filtered and unpasteurized beer – (Pilsner Gold, Helles Light, Medovar Honey, Dunkles Extra, BH Premium, Vana Viini Lager, Medovar Honey), which is possible to taste and take away from the only place in the world -  Dunkri 5 in Tallinn. The centuries-old recipes  are originated from the German brewerys with a centuries long history . But they become an unique under the guidance of „Beer House“ master brewer  – Eve Toomela. Unpasteurized and non filtered „alive“ beer contains B-group vitamines and is healthy if consumption is moderate.

Behind  these achievements there is tremendous work and professionalism of “Beer House”  friendly family.

We are carring important tasks  -  development of beer drinking culture and keeping the best  brewery name in Estonia.

We warmly congratulate all best „alive“ beer  admirers and we wish that you continue to carry with us „Beer House“ glorious traditions!!!