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The world of Haute cuisine from the restaurant Korsaar – in Voronež

On 28th of July there was a presentation of European culinary art, master class stars, in Balagan City!

Manuel Berganza (Spain) – the chef of one of the best Spanish restaurant Sergi Arola Gastro (in Madrid). The restaurant has been given two Michelin stars at once, which have never been happened in Spain before.

The team of the chefs of restaurant Korsaar, leaded by the chef Dmitri Rooz, was demonstrating their mastery in preparation of excellent, fine high cuisine - haute cuisine dishes, which was a big surprise even to the most demanding gourmets.

The cold soup Ahoblanko with a cherry foam, mussels with saffron, chicken with foie gras sauce and artichok, trout confit, pork leg terrine and celery consome – the bouquet of different flavors with the accent of a little Spanish cuisine stirs up the imagination of visitors, attracting them to Cervantes and Gaudi's creative streak.

The unique style of Korsaar perfectly completed and emphasized the atmosphere of the whole event, by creating a different reality to the evening, full of pirat´s treasures and secrets.

Manuel, how do you create your masterpieces? Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you?
The most important is not to look for inspiration but wait for it when it comes by itself during the working process.

When did you created those dishes, what you prepared today in Korsaar?
Those were created especially for today´s event. Everything has it´s own reason and background. For example one of the desserts – rice pudding with milk, ice cream and cinnamon is recreated by my grandmother's recipe. By the way, thanks to my grandmother´s culinary skills I decided to become a chef. This dessert takes me back to my childhood and reminds me of my childhood home.

You are first time in Russia. Would you please share your impressions.
I am very impressed about Russia. Here you have so many cultures, which together making up special colourful atmosphere. I would like to mention especially people, whom I met in your country. I thought that people here are cold, but it is absolutely vice versa, people in Russia are opened minded and hospitable with a very warm heart.

But the Balagan City was the real schock for me. I never in my life have seen such a restaurant. Here you can feel the great potential. Impressive is the design, as well very strong team of chefs and the professional organization of the dinner.

I would like to mention also the good job of the administration of Chizov´s Gallery and Balagan City in organization of such events, which are instilling the love for fine high cuisine. And all of it is very impressive, how big is the measure what has the Chizov´s Gallery Center and Balagan City, it is not possible to find similar in whole Spain. It is simply ingenious Policy!

Besides we had an excellent cooperation with the team of the chefs of the restaurant Korsaar. I´m very grateful to them for their help in conducting this wonderful evening and many thanks to the guests for giving such a nice rateing to my creation.

So, the residents of Voronezh no longer need to fly to Europe for coddle themselves in the restaurants of Michelin stars. It is enough to join the gourmet club of Balagan City and continuously receive the information about new events in restaurant Korsaar.

Bon appetit!