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Exclusive Chef


Years and activities
Born: 08.08.1974 in Tallinn Family: Wife Olga, children Dajana (1999) Martin ( 2002)

2007 - Restaurant-brewery Beer House, Restaurant Korsaar, Exclusive Chef
2005- Restaurant-brewery Beer House, Chef
2003-2005 Hotel Imperial, Chef
2002- 2003 Restaurant Kapten Flint, Chef
1999- 2002 Reval Hotel Group restaurant Primavera, Cook
1996-1999 AS Kosippo, Cook
1995-1996 Estonian Defence Forces, Sergeant
1993-1995 Estonian Shipping Company, Cook
1992-1993 Diner Miiduranna, Cook
1991-1992 Restaurant Pirita, Cook

2007 Restaurant Chez Dominique (2 Michelin stars, The Best Restaurant of Finland 2004-2007)
2007 Restaurant Noma, Copenhagen, (2 Michelin stars)
2006 Restoran Manuel & Four a Chaux, Mauritius
2006 Punta Cana, Dominic Republic

Self development in culinary arts, dedication to family and children, sports, travelling. Member of Estonian Chefs` Assotiation since 2004

Competitions and prizes

2009 Baltic Culinary Star´s Cup individual gold medal, team Grand Prix
2009 Global Chef Challenge, Northern Europe, Island Representative of Estonia

2008 Bocuse d`Or Estonian competition 2008 Balcit Culinary Star`s Cup,team Grand Prix

2007 Global Chef Challenge, Northen Europe, Representative of Estonia

2006 International Kremlin Culinary Cup, silver, bronze, diploma 2006 Baltic Chefs`Challenge, II place

2005 Baltic Culinary Star´s Cup, Manager, team Grand Prix

2004 Estonian Chefs`Championship, the best seafood dish
2004 “Chefs Without Borders”,team
2000 Estonian Chefs`Championship