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About Us

The Grand openinf of Beer House`s Third Oktoberfest. October 2009

The peak of Beer House`s birthday campaign " 7 years, 7 Beers". Beer Bears running riot in the Old Toown. August 2009

Before the start to BH class excursion.  July 2009

Easter wiches attacked Beer House, April 2009

Happy New Year, Dear Beer House Team! January 2009

Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms! October 2008

The Winning Sales-team, enjoying the prize trip.


Friendly Family of Beer House at Beerjing Summer Olympics August 2008

Cheerleaders for Chef Dmitri Rooz at Bocuse d`Or, Tallinn. March 2008

Silver Spoon 2007, Beer House was awarded in the category "The best beer server". Oleg Sotshov - the Chef of Restaurant Korsaar, Marika Haasma - the Manager of restaurant-brewery Beer House. Lena Lipendina - the General Manager of Beer House, Dmitri Rooz - Exclusive Chef of Beer House enjoying the gala dinner.

Pros in uniforms. Winter 2007

Fierce Archers of Beer House at Kajamaa. July 2007

Beer House having winter fun. January 2007

Summertime, when the living is easy. July 2006

Indoors sports. February 2006

Pirates at Beer House 2 Years Before restaurant Korsaar was born in the very same building. January 2006