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OKTOBERFEST in BEER HOUSE 3th - 7th of October 2007  03.10.2007
Oktoberfest is the name of a famous beerfestival celebrated in Munich sice 1810. The very first Oktoberfest was actually a glamorous wedding party of Saxon King Luwig and her beautiful fiancee princess Theresa. The King wished to share the joy of most wonderful time of his life with the fellow sitizens of Munich and peasants around. He organized a feast of delicious food and lots of beer for everybody. Next year people decided to have festivities to celebrate the end of harvest time. In past 196 years only wars and epidemic diseases have disturbed the tradition. This year Octoberfest is held from September, 22 until October, 7. During fortnight 2 million people vist the festival grounds enjoying altogether 6 mil litres of beer, 100 roasted oxen, half a million grilled sausages and chicken, tons of sourkraut. In addition to all that tens of thousands autum gingerbreads and special salty Brezels are bought to eat at the spot or take along as souvenirs to delight friends. At Beer House You hav an opportunity to get a hint of Oktoberfest. Stew-pots are simmering, sausages sizzling, pig roasting over the grill and freshly baked strudels smelling deliciously. Happy people are offering Oktoberherz-gingerbreads and Brezels just as in Munich. And 7 sorts of Beer House famous beers, brewed in the House, flow to satisfy all tastes. The guests rise the mugs, high spirits are risen even more by the musicians – autumn party at Beer House is our very own homely Oktoberfest.