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"Beer Table" for a fellowship!  30.05.2014

Summer is the hottest time for hang out with friends!

Gather company of 5-8 friends, book your table with a beer tap and try our new offer!
The offer "Beer Table" includes snack selection:
* Fish platter
* Meat platter
* Beer House pizza 
* "Snack Fest" (cheese balls, chicken wings, pig ears, garlic bread, chicken gizzards)
"Beer Table" snack selection - 75 EUR.
Special price for 0,5 l beer on "Beer Table"– 3 EUR (2 sorts to choose from: Pilsner Gold, Märzen Speziel).
Become a beer tap "master" and take care of friends mug to be full!
"Beer House" - The house where beer lives!