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Beer House`s birthday-week peaked on July, 31 and August, 1, with bears running and dancing in the restaurant and outdoors.

On Friday afternoon 4 Beer House`s cooks and 3 people from the marketing department dressed in bears` costumes lined up to bring special birthday mood to the restaurant and streets of Old Tallinn. The action had a prologue: getting 7 bear costumes was quite hard work. Finally we succeeded to gather a bunch of teddy costumes from Lunester, Karnevalipood, A`la Kostüüm and Janne Rõõmusaar. Great big thanks to all!

Bear gang travelled through the town chanting:“ Seven years, Seven Beers!”. Lots of people wanted to get a picture with the furry creatures, and they got what they desired. The Japanese were bewildered, Swedes and Englishmen hoorayed merrily with the bears. There were some nippers who would not stop waving to the peculiar creatures, one small citizen hid herself in her mother´s lap. One tiny dog sniffed suspiciously the leg of the largest bear`s leg. It was not quite clear if he planned to peck this furry column or use it as a pee pole...
Merriness continued even when rain came pourin down – happy beer beras brought smile to even gloomy strollers`faces. On Saturday the story went on. The weather, threatening with a rainstorm, made lots of people stay indoors. But those who had an opportunity to share the happiness of Beer House bears could in the end of the day sigh gladly – what a sunny day it was!