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On July, 27, exactly 7 years from the day, when restaurant-brewery Beer House was born, the team of the house, off duty, headed for a colourful picnic.
The theme of the trip was “Class excursion of Flower Children”. At 2 PM sharp, a wonderful City Tour red double-decker bus, full of merrily hooting Beer House people, took off. No one of the sightseers had participated in a guided tour in Tallinn before and everybody was willing and eager to get part of as much information as possible. The text from earphones, dated obviously back 4-5 years , introduced banks offering beneficial loans. A bit grotesque during these days of economic depression.

At the foot of Tallinn`s famous monument Russalka classical class photos were taken. After that the sunny yellow road took us along Pirita and Kose road, through picturesque river valley and past new dwelling houses. Many claimed, that they did not know there were such places in their home town.

At the point of destination – Tallinn Botanic Garden – two guides were waiting for the merry company and took us to a tour introducing the dwellers of greenhouses and the beauties of the rose-garden.

After that all landed on the picnic grounds.

The celebartion began with a festive honouring of people who have been working at Dunkri 5 for 10 years. Starting 3 years before Beer House was born.

And then – jamboree!



Spirited football, impulsive video contest and vigorous disco
rocked the party til cosy twilight