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6 of Beer House restaurant´s tables have beer taps, which can be operated by the clients themselves. From March these tables are called Self Service Station, where beer friends can acty as bar tenders and enjoy pouring beer. Foamy drinks from these taps for 40 kroons/0,5 litres.

The very  beer-ta tables may also become a speedway for Beer Rally:

1. To participate in the Beer Rally take a seat at the table with a beer tap. One team may occupy several tables but get one single bill
2. Tell the waitress that you and your friends want to take part in the rally, give her your name and phone number.
3.The waitress will open the tap for you and let`s the Rally begin! Tap yourself as much Märzen Speziel or Pilsner Gold, you want!
4. To get to the chart, your team has to drink at least 20 litres.
5. The winner of Great Beer Rally is announced each month and gets Beer House gift card in value of 1500 EEK. Ready...Staedy...Go!